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Help: Off Campus Access

Network Account Help

Frequently Asked Questions about Accessing Library Databases from Off Campus

1- Who may access the CNR Library databases?

Due to database licensing restrictions only students currently enrolled at CNR, and faculty and staff of the College may access the Library databases.  If you are not a currently enrolled CNR student, faculty or staff member (for example: if you are an alum, a library subscriber, or a visitor to the Library) please see the Library Visitor Policy

2- Why am I asked for a username and password?

In order to gain access to the Library databases you will need to type in your CNR network account user ID and password  in the off-campus library database login box that will appear when you click on a link to a Library database from off-campus.  Your user name and password will be verified in the CNR network user account database to determine whether you are an authorized user.   If you do not have a username and password (Network User Account) 

3-  How do I create a username and password (CNR User Account)?

If you are a currently enrolled student or a faculty or staff member of the College and don't already have a CNR network account username and password you may create one by visiting the Virtual Help Desk .  Or you may visit any of the CNR Campus Libraries, or the Academic Computing Center or the Information Systems Department (both in Mooney Center on the New Rochelle Campus).   When you visit the campus to create your network user account, please ask for assistance if you need help creating your ID.  Staff at all of these sites is prepared to assist you. 

4- Why is my username and/or password rejected?

If your username and/or password information is rejected, check first that the information you typed is correct and that the 'Cap Locks' key is not on.  If your information is still not accepted, your account may be expired or disabled.  You will need to contact the Information Services Helpdesk to reactivate or troubleshoot your Network User Account information.  The telephone number for the Information Services Help Desk is (914) 654-5012. 
You may visit the Virtual Help Desk.

5- Why do I receive a 'page not found' error message when I try to log in?

A 'page not found' error messages is often the result of needing to clean out your browser cache.  Another reason for this error may be the presence of a personal or corporate firewall.  Software such as Norton Personal Firewall, Norton Internet Security, or McAfee Internet Security  may interfere with the off-campus authentication process.  The Information helpdesk will be able to assist you with this type of problem.  You may contact them directly by phone (914) 654-5012 or via email .

6- My username and password information is accepted but I still can't access the databases.

There are several reasons why you may not gain access to the databases after you are authenticated.

A.  Are you connecting to the Internet with AOL?  

There are known problems using AOL to access many research databases. AOL and other similar Internet Service Providers that use their own web browsers often run into compatibility problems with the database systems.  It is advisable to download the latest version of  Google Chrome Connect to the internet with AOL, then minimize the AOL browser and use Google Chrome to access the Library databases.  

B. What Internet Browser are you using?

Some database systems may not be compatible with the AOL browser.  Using the AOL browser to access the Library databases may cause your access attempt to fail.  AOL and other similar Internet Service Providers that use their own web browsers often run into compatibility problems with the database systems.  It is advisable to download the latest version of  Google Chrome Connect to the internet with AOL, then minimize the AOL browser and use Google Chrome to access the Library databases.  

C. Have you deleted your cache files?

Your browser may be trying to use a previously failed attempt at access that may be stored in your cache.  In this case you should delete your cache files.

D. Are cookies enabled in your browser? 

Cookies must be enabled in your browser in order to access most databases.  Follow the procedures below to enable cookies:

E. Is Java enabled in your browser?

You also need to have Java installed and turned on in your browser. Java is necessary for many databases to function, for example you will not be able to see the graphics in ARTstor unless you have JAVA installed.  You may download a copy of Java at the Java download site .

F. Are you using a personal or corporate firewall or antivirus software?

Personal firewalls or antivirus software can interfere with the off campus authentication process.  To find out if this is the problem you may want to turn off your personal firewall and/or antivirus software and test to see if you can log in.  If you can, then you should consult your firewall and/or antivirus software manual or contact the vendor's technical support to learn how to set up the software to allow access to the Library databases.  It is not advisable to turn off your security protection.  Please note that if you are trying to access the Library databases from your place of work there may be a corporate firewall in place that may prevent you from doing so.

7- Why doesn't a full text article appear when when I click on it?

Many Library databases contain full text articles viewable in .pdf file format.  PDF files are viewable using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  To open and view a PDF file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your pc.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer articles will not appear when you click on the PDF full text option in the Library databases. You may download a copy of the free Adobe Reader from the Adobe Acrobat Download site .

8- Why does a blank page print when I try to print a full text article from Adobe Acrobat?

When  you click on a PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader may launch inside of inside of your Internet Browser.  When this happens you will need to click on the Adobe Acrobat print button, not the print button from the File menu at the top of Internet Explorer.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader Print button is located in the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

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